Einstein\'s Dream
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Prompt: Create a Set Design after reading excerpts from Einstein's Dream

Scene #1
"One cannot walk down an avenue, converse with a friend, enter a building, browse beneath the sandstone arches of an old arcade without meeting an instrument of time. Time is visible in all places. Clock towers, wristwatches, church bells divide years into months, months into days, days into hours, hours into seconds, each increment of time marching after the other in perfect succession...Time is an infinite ruler. Time is absolute." (p 25~26)

Scene #2
"At twenty minutes to ten tomorrow morning, the woman will put on her scarf and her gloves and her coat and walk down the Schifflaube, past the Nydegg Bridge and on to the tea shop on Postgasse. Across town, at fifteen minutes before ten, her friend will leave her own house on Zeughausgasse and make her way to the same place.
At ten o'clock they will meet. They will meet at ten o'clock." (p 27)